Tuesday, November 18, 2008

posting, posting

This thing says I posted. I say I did not.
So I'll explain the name of my blog...NOT QUITE RIGHT.
That saying is my life. It's my family. It's just the way things go around my house.
It's the crazy things we do as a family.
Middle child the other day was looking for his pair of socks. Like he only has one. I, being the mom who always keeps up on the laundry (and sometimes I'm a big fat liar) said, "There are clean socks in the laundry room."
"Yeah, but I have socks."
"So, get new ones." I said, calmly, in a sweet tone of voice.
"I don't need new ones." Says the 12 year old in a voice that clear says he thinks his mom is crazy. "I've only worn those socks for two days."
"Yes, sweetie, but the dog buried them. That should tell you something."
He found the two day old socks, sniffed them, shrugged his shoulders and pulled them on his dirty little feet. And then he sniffed his fingers. Ewww.
That's just not quite right.