Saturday, February 28, 2009


A few weeks ago someone made this comment to me, "Oh, wow, you're an author, I had no idea." She said that I'm down-to-earth. I love her for thinking that being an writer is something maybe a little glam. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade it. I love it. And I always thought it would be a little glam. (for more info on that, go to my website:

But her comment has me wondering. What do people think of authors. I mean, look at my picture, I'm no Angelina. And my husband and I never, ever get called Brendoug. Or how about, Donda (pronounced DUHNDA).
No matter how you connect those names, it isn't cute. We're not Brangelina, or TomKat, or even StrayCat.
My only paparazzi is my sister. Once I did try to run over her foot. Twice I've knocked the camera out of her hand. She gave me a black eye that time. (kidding sis)

Every single picture of me could go into one of those issues of, "See how bad they look without their makeup.' or, 'What was she thinking when she wore those sweatpants...
two days in a row.'
Today it is worse. I've had a cold. My nose is red. Stuff in the fridge is green. Something in the kitchen is starting to smell.
And to top it off, earlier this afternoon my daughter yelled, "Mom, the cat has something in here and he's trying to bury it in the floor."

Do you think Maddox has ever yelled that at Brangelina?
Or what about; "Mom, do I have to wear these socks again?"

I'm not sure if anyone is out there, other than my one friend :-) But if you'd like to talk writing, ask questions, or call me names, now is your chance.

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