Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Girl Hair!

Vanity, all is vanity. But I have to tell you people, having straight hair for a day or two makes me feel like a opposed to my normal pretty juvenile self. I seriously do think I act more serious, more together when the hair is straight.

But it won't last. Tomorrow, or maybe the next day, humidity will come, it might rain, or I'll eventually have to wash it. The curls will be back. And so will my normal disorganized, crazy self.

But for today, my straight-hair self is feeling pretty grown-up.

And if you're wondering about Dad. I think it's better if he's visited by Curly Sue, because Straight Haired Me might be a bit too much.


Jessica said...

My straight hair is annoying. At least your hair has some attitude, some bounce! Heheee

brenda minton said...

Oh, I would gladly give some of the bounce! My daughter informed me, "you know that straight hair gets in your face, right?"

That's a chance I'm willing to take.
Even if it just lasts until I was it.