Wednesday, September 9, 2009

pet peeves

I'm a morning person. I honestly don't have a problem with 'morning people.'
BUT morning people who accomplish things, that bugs me.

Mornings are for waking the kids up, dragging them (kicking and screaming) out of bed, hugging them as they go out the door, and then drinking coffee as I surf the net and talk to my BFF on the phone. We discuss all we're going to accomplish, how clean we're going to get the house, and how many pages we're going to write. Note, I said: TALK about what we're going to do.

But I don't know if I trust people who accomplish a lot before noon. Which is why I choose to surround myself with people who, like me, procrastinate. They make me feel safe and happy.

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Shirley said...

I'm a morning person too. But I prefer a cup of Earl Grey Tea, then I have to sit at the computer and catch up on Facebook, Twitter, all the blogs I read, and other things before I can actually accomplish anything. But it's quiet in the mornings. Best time to catch up on life. I also LOVE watching the sun come up.

Jessica said...

Ha! Well, I don't like morning people who are peppy and cheery (note: my hubby, who thinks its good to sing at the top of his lungs within a minute of getting out of bed) Okay, well, he doesn't annoy me, but I don't understand that kind of joy in the morning. LOL
That said, if I'm going to be grumpy, I might as well get stuff done. So I do the bulk of my errands/chores in the morning and hang out with the kids in the afternoon. :-)

Talking to your BF about writing every morning sounds blissful! ;-)

brenda minton said...

Jessica, the strange thing is that I AM a morning person. I drive everyone crazy, being in a good mood.

I just don't like to do anything in the morning, like leave the house. :-)
Which I had to do this morning. Now I need more coffee; for the recovery efforts.

Stephanie Newton said...

The best thing about morning. Coffee.


brenda minton said...

amen, three cups into my morning, and all is good, oh, but I have to go soon!

jel said...

I'm not a morning person, but i have to roll out of bed at 4in the morning!

oh I read you book
"Rekindled Hearts" it was a couldn't put it down kind of book!
very good! :)

brenda minton said...

And 4:00 am! My kid's alarm went off, by accident, at 5:15 this morning.
love that kid

E said...

I'm so not a morning person. In fact, I'm a night owl. The moon tends to bring out the creativeness in me. Born in July, no wonder!
p.r. (Paula Rose)