Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hyper Alert

Yesterday I bought a Keurig coffeemaker.
It was an impulse buy. But I did take time to think about it. I looked at it. I picked it up. I touched the box. I walked away. I bought my groceries, called a friend (Thanks Steph) because that's always one of the steps, and I went home.

Thirty minutes later I drove back and bought it. And I bought two boxes of Newman's Own coffee.
But when I got home I realized it came with a box of 18 of those little cups: coffee, tea and hot cocoa.

Do you realize what those 18 different blends of coffee did to me, an addict? I have to try them all, as quickly as possible. I have to test them, see which ones I like the best. I'm drinking coffee like a mad woman, checking off our favorites on the little book that came with the keurig. I'm on Amazon, wondering if Diedrich coffee is good. I'm searching for hot cocoa for the kids.
My heart is racing. My hands are shaking.
I NEED HELP! I need coffee detox.
I need an enabler to drink coffee with me.
I need more coffee.......


jel said...

R U wired now :) lol

brenda minton said...

you'd better believe it!
I'm sitting here wondering which coffee to drink next. I think Newman's

jel said...

we got hooked on fogglifter, 3 cups and your up for days :)

Jessica said...

This is like me with chocolates.
:-) Hope you have tons of fun!

brenda minton said...

Chocolate AND Coffee. What could be better?
Finishing my WIP should be easy with all of this caffeine in my system.

jel said...

got your new book today! :)