Monday, January 25, 2010

Mom 1, Kid 0

Me to husband: Can you go get garlic bread?

Husband to me: Right now?

Me: Pretty soon.

Middle Kid at computer in dining room: I want to go. I want to go.

Husband: Isn't it ju...

Me: Shhh, go with it.

Kid: Isn't it just what?

Me (yes, lying): Nothing, its just almost time to eat.

Kid: Wait for me. I want to go. I want to go.

Husband (finally seeing the fun in this): Okay, I'll wait for you but you have to hurry.

Kid: I'm turning off the computer. Hold on. Don't leave. I have to get my shoes.

Me to kid: On your way, take the trash out.

Kid: Okay.

Husband: Come on, let's go.

Kid 3 to Kid 2 as he goes out to the door: You're just going to the shed to get the garlic bread out of the freezer.

Kid 2, halfway to the car, brain catches up with ears: "WAIT A SECOND, I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO TOWN."

Dad: Nope, just going to the freezer to get the garlic bread. Thanks for taking out the trash.

Oh yeah, I rock.


Rhonda Gibson said...

Laughing, good one Brenda :)

Jessica said...

Hahaaa! I didn't see that coming. I agree, you rock.

brenda minton said...

thank you...thank you very much...