Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What is it about spring that makes us think we need to diet? Is it the looming of swimsuit weather? Is it the thought of T-shirts and shorts. I mean, sweaters and jackets really do cover a multitude of sins (better known as too much chocolate, lack of exercise due to deadline, love of carbs, etc). In two months we'll be on our way to the beach. That gives me two months to diet. In honor of the season of dieting, I did two things at the grocery store today. I bought Agave Nectar for my coffee. It's healthy, you know. It also has more calories than good old sugar. I bought banana chips, trail mix and mixed nuts. And cupcakes. But I didn't buy the caramel cake or the Paula Deen Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. Any good tips on dealing with self-control? Never go shopping might be at the top of the list.


Jessica Nelson said...

I'm not dieting but I have been writing lately. Beach time is SO close!! :-)

brenda minton said...

I know! I can't wait. I'm all for some warm weather right now!