Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm going to the RWA Conference in July. That gives me two months to lose weight. I've lost things before. I've lost keys. I've lost the checkbook. I've lost my purse. I've even lost my mind on occasion. So, why is losing weight so hard? Seriously, why couldn't I accidentally lose it at the store, or leave it at someone's house?

Ten pounds. It sounds so easy. Don't buy Reese's. Forget the cheesecake. Yes, there are four slices left, but eating them all in one day is not the key to losing weight. THAT is my problem. I feel like if I eat all of the junk food in one day, it won't be there tomorrow and so tomorrow I can lost weight without the temptation.

The 'eat it all in one day' diet plan doesn't work. Obviously not, no one is writing a book about it. The Atkins Diet. The South Beach Diet. The "EAT IT ALL IN ONE DAY GUIDE TO LOSING WEIGHT." That one isn't exactly on the bestseller list.

Accountability partners...also not working. My accountability partner is calling me from the grocery store, talking about chocolate.

Oh, and the reward system. Eat a frozen dinner with 300 calories, eat ice cream with 500 calories.

And the positive + a negative diet, although it makes me feel good, isn't shedding pounds. That diet works like this: In school we learn that positive 5 and negative 5 equals ZERO. So my thought is that a negative (diet coke) and positive (Reese's) equals zero calories.

Exercise? That doesn't work either. I exercise for 30 minutes and then feel as if I've earned the right to, you guessed it, eat a Reese's.

Anyone hungry?


Jessica said...

OH lol! I have to be careful about buying treats because I feel the same way about finishing it all at once!
Good luck with the weight. At least you know your trouble spots. :-)

Stephanie Newton said...

Hey, your accountability partner has PMS. Give her a break.


brenda minton said...

Jessica, I bought two treats today. Sugar free Klondike bars for me, Reese's Klondike bars for the kids. Guess which one I ate. :)

Steph, one word: TACO BELL