Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm at home with my middle kid...who claimed he was too sick to go to church. And I'll give him this, he did have a fever last night and this morning. Unfortunately now he's feeling much better. He's playing XBox and he wants money for points. I think I've spent enough on him in the last month, and he's the most expensive kid I have. He says that is because he's awesome.

I hope someday he'll get over his self-esteem issues. (JK)

The biggest problem with kid 2 being home: NON STOP TALKING. and now he's singing..
and it isn't good singing. I think it's something like, 'blame it on the ahahahaha, blame it on..agh.'
The dog howling at the alarm clock isn't as annoying as this kid's singing. It's a good thing he's smart, because the whole singing thing is not going to work out for him.

And that takes me back to...isn't he supposed to be sick? Because if he was truly sick, not that I want that for him, but if he was, he'd be quiet. He'd take benadryl and sleep. I'd be sympathetic and bring him water, or crackers.

But when he sings, sympathy is out the window.


Stephanie Newton said...

Uhm, that song goes "blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol."

Maybe that explains the singing...and the talking. J/K. This it the middle child we're talking about, after all.

brenda minton said...

It is the middle child, and soon he'll go to sleep and we'll blame it on the ben ben benadryl..
we argue a lot about whether or not that guy can sing. We know that middle kid can't.

Jessica said...

LOL Brenda!
My kids haven't figured out faking illness yet, thank goodness! LOL

I do get non-stop talking from my oldest. It's exhausting.

Hope you ended up having a nice day!