Wednesday, July 22, 2009

home is where the dogs are

This is me, after the RWA. Happy to be home with the 4-legged kids who never argue, fight over who gets to sit in which seat of the van, or complain about what's for dinner.

Of course my human kids don't piddle on the floor.


Jessica said...

See, there's a balance to everything. :-)

Stephanie Newton said...

Lol. I've had poodles in my backpocket for the last four days. I can completely relate.


brenda minton said...

And the sad thing is, if they leave me alone, I go hunting for them. The stupid pug is on my lap right now. And when you think PUG, you think lap dog, not so with him. I'd say we're hitting 35 pounds now.
The balance is that the other two weight the same, put together.
So when the three of them are on my lap, they're actually a Lab!