Saturday, July 25, 2009

kind of warped

I won't bother sharing all of our DC vacation photos, mainly because most are blurred beyond recognition. My middle kid was the photographer and the only picture that came out clear was the one he took of himself.

I realize most of us have taken pictures that weren't clear, kind of blurry, a little out of focus. BUT how many of us have made national monuments appear warped?
I know that middle kid has gifts. He's creative. He's kind of psycho. He's a people person. He is not a photographer. And in his defense, I'm sure it was the camera's fault.
If he's reading this: you have other gifts, and you know I love you. Just don't ever take my picture again. and be careful, bugs bunny is behind you.


Jessica said...

LOL! How is that possible???

brenda minton said...

I'm not even sure. My nephew is a photographer and he thinks may be sweaty fingers on the lens? Or just a goofy kid with a camera.