Sunday, October 11, 2009


The swine flu hit our house a little over a week ago. It hasn't been the most horrible flu we've ever had, but it has been the most contagious. It started with one kid, then another kid and I got it, and then the husband and last kid.

A week of togetherness. TOO MUCH BONDING. Too much of my coffee being drank, my TV being controlled, my office (the house) being invaded. The house is a mess because there are five people here every day, all day, messing it up.

I keep picturing The Banks of Plum Creek, or whichever Little House book included a flu outbreak. Those people were in one room together, with no Advil! No
Coffee. No Running Water!

It hasn't been that bad, or too unbearable. Until this morning when my husband said, "You love the dog more than you love me."

"Not true, honey. If you got hit by a car, I wouldn't go to the pound and replace you the very next day."

See, we're fine. We've survived a week of being stuck together and we're still feeling the love.


Jessica said...

LOL Well I'm glad you're all alive. :-)

brenda minton said...

so far, so good.
One of the kids reminded me that they don't have school tomorrow. woohoo??

jel said...

hope y'all are feeling better

brenda minton said...

we are, thanks. :-)