Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time to Stay Home

I've become more and more distracted lately. Kid 2 notices this more than others, maybe because he insists on talking to me more than the other two kids do. But lately I hear more of this from him, "You're not really listening, are you?"
Yes, I am. What did you say?

That said, the following will come as no surprise. Today I was talking on the cell phone while getting ready to leave the house.
Hair Brushed: Check
Makeup on: Check
Clothes: Check
Cell phone? Where's my cell phone. I checked the table next to my chair. That's the last place I saw it. Not there.
I checked the kitchen. Maybe I plugged it in to charge. Nope.
I had a brilliant idea. I'll call myself and see if it rings.
Oh, but first I'll have to hang up the phone. The one I'm talking on. Get the picture?
This is why I shouldn't leave the house.


jel said...


that 's not a good sign!

brenda minton said...

I KNOW! Especially when you're on the phone thinking, "I have to find the house phone so I can call my cell phone."

Jessica said...

Hahaa! This is like the person searching for their glasses when they're still on their head. *snicker*

Stephanie Newton said...

This is why we're friends. We understand each other.