Sunday, December 6, 2009

Harlequin--YES! Algebra--NO!

I'm an author. That makes me a very LEFT BRAIN individual. I do not do algebra.
I like math that is straight forward, says what it means, means what it says. I like columns. I like accounting math (not the actual accounting, because that would require more work).

Algebra does not work with my brain. It has never worked with my brain. My brain sees numbers and letters in the same problem and it starts to chant, "La, la, la, la, la, I can't hear you."
Which is probably very close to what I told my math teacher years ago. Even then I had something figured out. My future was shoved behind my algebra book. It was smuggled into P.E.
It was carried on the bus after school. It was devoured with bedroom lights turned off and a sliver of light from the hall enabling me to finish those last few chapters.

I loved Harlequin when I was twelve. I love it today.

Which brings me to my very scattered point. There is one class they should teach in school.
They should offer a class called, "Algebra for Moms who will someday have to help with homework."
Yeah, its wordy, but you have to admit I have a point. When my son opens his algebra book and I look at those letters and numbers typed across the page, my brain shuts down. It starts to chant, "La, la, la, I can't hear you."
He opens his algebra book. I want to do what I learned in algebra; read a romance novel. Its instinctive. Pick up the book and hide the Harlequin behind it.

Next time my son asks for help with Algebra, I'm going to show him that little trick.