Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Season of Giving

Christmas is almost here! Tis the season of too much...

Too much shopping.

Too much eating.

Too much wanting.

Too much spending.

Too much STRESS.

Wouldn't it be great if we saw it as the season of too much loving and too much giving!

So I had this perfect little lesson planned for the kids in my Sunday school class. A less about giving. Because Christmas really isn't all about getting. It's about what God gave us, and what we give back.

Christmas should be about showing God's perfect love to a hurting world.

I meant to ask the children in my class this question: What would you give up for Christmas?

Not what do you want to get? Or what will you give. But what would you be willing to give.

Or give up. I'm not talking fruit cake or a pan of fudge. I'm talking about personal sacrifice.

I wanted them to think about compassion and charity. I wanted them to think about having a willing heart; willing to give up something they love or cherish.

And then God asked me: What are you willing to give up.

I found that the question wasn't as easy to answer as I had thought it would be. It was easy when I thought I was going to be the one asking. Not so easy when God required something of me. As in; my time, my home, my heart, a piece of my life.

Giving up those things we hold dear isn't easy.

Sometimes giving requires big change.

Sometimes it requires us to step out of our comfort zone and do what we never thought we'd be expected to do.

Last week we received an unexpected blessing, two of them. One is six months old. The other is three. The blessing was extended to our entire family. Five blessings, enough to go around.

I had been pretty content (big mistake) with my life. I'd been thinking that I had this kid thing just about wrapped up. I was so wrong! Suddenly I'm making bottles, chasing a toddler, and falling into bed exhausted each night.

Last week I thought Algebra was hard. HA! Algebra was just the pop quiz. This is the real test.

I'm pretty sure its worth it. Its worth it because of the smiles, the hugs and the baby kisses. Who needs an extra hour to drink coffee.

Oh, take that back. I do. But I'll keep the babies and drink the coffee when I get a chance.


Jessica said...

Awww, you have some little ones in the house? I bet you're tired. :-) They're so sweet though, right?

Great questions for your class. There is a LOT going on in this season and I love how so many fellow bloggers are talking about the real meaning of Christmas. I hope hubby and I are good examples to our kids.

brenda minton said...

They are really sweet and its been great. Tiring, but great.
I'm sure you are a great example.

As for my class. i'll let you know how that goes. :-)
They drew pictures a few weeks ago and the drawings got some 'looks' from some of our church members. Just imagine a 9 y.o boy's thoughts on David and Goliath. They love blood at that age.
my favorite was a drawing of Samson as he's about to bring down the building. He's saying YES SIR!!
And the little boy told me: "That's because when God says to do something, we always say YES SIR."
Yeah, I'm kind of proud of them.

jel said...

two blessings ~ very lucky u!

CHRISTmas card for ya over at myplace blog :)

Stephanie Newton said...

You are a very lucky that God blessed you with amazing mothering skills...and impeccable taste in coffee.

brenda minton said...

Steph, who could survive it without great coffee??
Speaking of which, I think I need a cup right now