Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Lose Weight

Disclaimer, this is not a standard, recognized weight loss program.

Never ever weigh yourself on a standard scale. If you do, make sure you turn the little dial so that it is negative a few pounds. Yes, start out with the scale below zero. There's nothing like positive reinforcement!

If you use the Wii to weigh yourself, make sure you count your clothing!

This is a conversation I had with my son, who caught me 'dieting.'

The wii asked, "how much do your clothes weigh."

I think that question is subjective so I clicked the four pound option with confidence. And yes, I know that shorts and a T-shirt don't weigh four pounds.

Dear Son says, "Your clothes don't weigh four pounds."

Me to son, "Yeah, but I just had two cups of coffee, yogurt and a glass of water."

Dear Son, "That doesn't count."

Me, "It does count. It makes me weigh more."

The great news, I've lost 8 pounds on the Brenda Diet Program!


Anonymous said...

I'm starting this diet immediately.

brenda minton said...

Tina, its the best one I've found!
And it includes Reese's, lots of coffee and cheesecake.