Monday, November 15, 2010


Yesterday I witnessed the sweetest example of giving. It happened at a birthday party for a 4 year old boy.

A little boy attended the party and he brought his gift wrapped in his coat. He set that coat on the counter of the church and said, "This has my present in it. I need to keep it right here so I can give it to him when he opens his presents."

The coat was then placed with the other gifts and when it was time for presents to be unwrapped that little guy went and got his coat. His little face beamed as he handed over the gift. He had brought it and wrapped it all by himself. When the coat was unwrapped the gift inside was a cracked and battered little truck. Both the giver of the gift and the child who received were thrilled.

As adults how many of us would be excited to have a dirty little coat to unwrap? How many of us would shout for excitement when we pulled out a very used toy?
We might pretend. But would we really be thankful? Would we pull back from that coat and wonder when it was last washed? Would we put the little truck on the table and move on to something else, something more worthwhile?

To that little boy, his coat held the most precious gift in the world. It was the best he had to give.


Rhonda Gibson said...

OH my gosh! Brenda! That was so sweet.

brenda minton said...

Rhonda, It was sweet when he came in with that coat. He was very proud. It didn't hit me until today that we should always feel that way about what we have to give...and our gifts.