Monday, April 20, 2009

taking time

Last month we started a nursing home ministry. Every other Sunday we do an evening service for the residents, one of whom is my dad.
We thought we were going to be doing the ministry. But we've realized that we're being ministered to. It's been good for us, great for our kids.

Last night after the sermon an older man stood up and told a story. Years ago he witnessed a hanging on the square of the county seat. As the crowds gathered to watch, the minister walked across the lawn with the man. He walked up the steps of the platform with him. But at the top of the steps the minister stopped, and the man went the rest of the way alone. A minister can't take us all the way. He can pray with us. He can walk with us. But there is a point where he stops. God walks with us the whole way. He doesn't stop at the top of the stairs.

As I sat there listening, I realized how much the people in that nursing home have to teach us: about life, about history and about faith.


Jessica said...

What an interesting post.
I think it's awesome you take the kids. They give older people joy, I think.

brenda minton said...

Jessica, I think it is has been a good experience for my kids. And yes, I think they do cheer up the older people. So many of them don't have family, or family in the area.

Jessica said...

That's so sad. :-(