Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Blahs

Monday is great. It's the beginning of the week. I start out thinking about how much I'll get done and how I'll get the week off to a good start. The thoughts run along the path of keeping up with laundry, being organized, cooking great meals and hugging the kids as they walk through the door. I'm going to be JUNE CLEAVER. I'll even have hair that gets brushed and styled.

By Wednesday I've come to the conclusion that I'm "June Cleaver: GONE WILD." Or should I say June Cleaver: Gone Wrong. Because "Gone Wild" implies I'm off having a wild time. Instead I'm at home, reading a Linda Lael Miller book and I've given up on brushing the hair. The laundry is piling up, I'm still in my PJs and the only thing I've accomplished is walking the dogs and updating facebook and twitter.

Oh, and I realized that my May book has the wrong blurb on the online retailer sites. Yes, you should check it out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The Cowboy Next Door: about a woman who makes jewelry. OR NOT. You be the judge.


Jessica said...

Wow, I hope that Amazon thingy gets fixed. I just heard about that happening with another author's book. Weird.
Hairbrushing is highly overrated. No worries. :-)

Stephanie Newton said...

hahahaha. :)

Laundry. Today. For reals.

brenda minton said... gel and scrunchies rule! And yeah, the Amazon thing. Kinda funny.
Steph...did you really make that comment at 5 am. That's wrong.