Monday, August 3, 2009

time for school!

I'm a bad mom. I admit it, I am SO READY FOR SCHOOL TO START. And I'm pretty sure my kids are ready. We're at the end of our 'bonding' rope. We've had togetherness. And now, time for them to GO TO SCHOOL.

This is how I know it is time.
At the beginning of the summer, the kids liked each other. (and I liked them) They played games together. They talked. They watched TV. They made plans for vacation.
Now they're starting to say things like: "Mom, she keeps looking at me."
or, "Mom, he won't stop breathing."
Looking and breathing are not optional.

I just caught my daughter chopping something up. A banana. Because the dogs might like a treat. THE DOGS DO NO EAT BANANAS. They've never eaten them. How bored do you have to be to think dogs eat bananas?

And worse, I've realized I kind of like watching Wizards of Waverly Place.


Jessica said...

LOL! My kiddos aren't in school yet. Part of me thinks I'll miss them. The other part is looking forward to uninterrupted writing time. :-)
I don't think this makes you a bad mom at all.

brenda minton said...

I homeschooled for years, so until two years ago, my kids were ALWAYS at home. There is definitely more writing time when they're in school.
And way more activities! (which isn't easy for a hermit)