Wednesday, August 19, 2009

country life

Living in the country is not always PEACEFUL.

For the last few nights we've had a middle-of-the-night visitor. A coyote.
He slips around in the dark, probably eating leftovers that I toss over by the fence. But in the process of scavenging for food, he wakes up the entire house.

Or should I say, he wakes up the dogs and they wake up the entire house.

Last night I caught him in the act. I woke up and couldn't sleep, so I was in the recliner at 3:00 am when I spotted him heading for the front porch! What is it about 3:00 am and my life. Wasn't it just a month or so ago that 3:00 was the time that someone decided to ride horses down the road in front of my house?

Back to Coyote at 3 o'clock. There he was, slipping up the porch, probably for cat food. But that kind of freaks me out, because we have floor to ceiling windows and I picture him peeking in at me.

stay tuned for more quiet nights in the country
The minute the dogs spotted him, or smelled him, they went crazy. At 3:00 am.


Jessica said...

LOL I thought this was a repost at first. Yikes! A coyote? *shiver*

brenda minton said...

I know! I feel like I live in a time warp that circles to 3:00 am every night with some kind of strange event.
The other night my daughter couldn't sleep, so of course, kept waking me up.
The next morning I found a note she'd written propped against the fish bowl. "Fed the fish at 3:30 AM. He wouldn't eat.(REALLY?) He might be hungry when you wake up."