Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm working on a new cowboy story, and I'm loving it. But sometimes my brain needs a break. I write a scene or two, and then I have to do something kind of useless as I think of the next scene or what kind of trauma to hit my poor unsuspecting couple with.

So I've developed my Top Ten Ways to Procrastinate.

Starting with number 10:
10: check email. At least six times in a row. Within a five minute time span. Anything can happen, you know.

9: Check facebook and stalk other people through their status updates.

8: Check email again. It's been ten minutes, you have no idea what can happen in ten minutes.

7: Read Fox News headlines, look for dirt on stars and politicians and mumble things like, "Are we really surprised, and yes, Brad Pitt is a pinhead for saying he wants to run for Mayor on a NO RELIGION platform." He used to go to church in Springfield.

6: Check email again.

5: Update twitter status. Not that anyone reads twitter other than other people tweeting. And when did adults start using words like TWEET.

4: Call a friend (notice it is step four in this program)

3: Make coffee

2: Call another friend


1: Look up insane articles on the pain tolerance level of redheads and actually be proud that you have a mutated gene that allows you to endure 25% more electrical shock than average people.


Jessica said...

Hahaa! So you're a redhead??? LOL!

I can only write one scene at a time, usually, before needing a breather.

brenda minton said...

Yep, a redhead..

If I'm on a roll I can write several scenes. But I have to stay in it and keep writing. that usually happens when kids are in school. :-)
When they're not, I write a scene, ref a fight...write a scene, negotiate a hostage release...
just a day in the life