Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Writing Q & A

The kids went back to school. My house is quiet. The dogs are even quiet.

That means it is either time to drink coffee on the front porch, or time to work on the next book in the cowboy series. But being a multi-tasker, I can do both.

As I put these two characters together, I wondered what the rest of you are working on. If you're writing, what are you writing and how is it going?
Do you have trouble spots that you're struggling to fix, or characters that won't bend to your will?

If you have any writing questions, questions about my books, or questions about Love Inspired, feel free to ask away. If I have an answer, I'll give it. If I don't, I'll find someone who does. Or I'll make something up.
But with the kids in school, we might as well spend time talking.

I'll start the discussion with: How do you all come up with characters?

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Stephanie Newton said...

I just started a new book with one character I love and one character who I don't know. It's really fun...I'm writing a different kind of opening for me, a little quirky, more fun than suspenseful, though hopefully the tension is there.

I like writing about characters I know or have thought about a great deal. Sometimes I've had to write a character that I created for one purpose (for example, a best friend) and when it comes time to really flesh out that character it's harder.